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Who We Are

We’re a leading mobile-marketing company in the US, providing customized strategy for each business we work with. We help you connect instantly with your audience, with marketing they’ll actually read.

What We Do

We provide businesses and organizations instant mass communication with their audiences via text messaging. We help you get the cellphone numbers of your existing customers or members by asking them to opt in to your texting service. When they do, you can text them instantly with specials, promotions, discounts, news, events, reminders, or anything you want. Reach your fans instantly, where they are. And because texts are short and sweet, they’ll actually read it.

Our Mission

To increase your reach and bottom line. Our simple, effective service keeps you in touch with your audience and brings them back again and again (with their friends).

97% of smartphone users text at least once a day, and 75% of millennials choose to text over taking a call.

8 Reasons to SenText



Because customers opt in, it’s 100% spam free



There’s no faster way to reach people. That’s why there’s a national Text Alert System for emergencies.



People click through links in texts 5x more than in any other medium



Texting is one of the least-expensive marketing tools there is. Because it’s simple, it costs you (and your audience) less time to use. And because people actually read texts, it more than pays for itself.



Rather than rewarding customers who are already in your business, instant text offers drive unplanned visits and new revenue



If you have a rewards program or POS based text system, people cannot sign up without being in your business. We drive more opt ins



Text marketing separates you from social-media drama, lifts you from buried inboxes, and puts you front and center on your audience’s phones. How many Facebook ads do you read? How many unread emails do you have? How many unread texts do you have? Exactly.



Regulars love to be appreciated. Make your fans feel special and they’ll love you more and bring their friends

Why SenText?

We provide you personal care for life. We not just an app with a call center (though you can call us anytime). We pride ourselves in giving you a customized, personal experience.

Each plan includes unlimited subscribers, unlimited keywords, continued consulting, continued digital design, and inexpensive custom design. Unlimited locations with the Enterprise Plan.

Get notified immediately when someone opts in. Reach your audience quickly. Texts override Wi-Fi, so your message will be seen as long as they have a phone signal.

We provide transparent, affordable pricing as well as continued consulting to make sure you generate high response rates. If you have followed all the best practices that provide you at registration and your audience isn’t more engaged, we’ll give you a full refund.

It’s so easy to send texts. A few minutes each week and you’re done with your marketing. Quit spending time, money, and energy on less-effective tools.

Your audience instantly opts in from the texting app they already use. They don’t have to download anything. And you can log in to your control panel from anywhere and send a text to all your subscribers in minutes.

Your customers opt themselves into in … which makes it easier for you because they are putting themselves in (no manual entry on your part!), but more importantly, nobody will feel spammed. They already love, want to hear from, and trust you. So they feel like the texts add value to their lives.

Your list never comes from a 3rd party AND will never be shared with a 3rd party.

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