SenText is the only texting provider that gives you the chance to earn a free monthly platform for life!

1st referral: 25% off
2nd referral: 50% off
3rd referral: 75% off
4th referral: Free4Life!

Becoming Free4Life

1) Sign up for SenText and start texting!
2) Refer any US businesses.
3) We do the rest!
Each time your referral signs up for the same plan you have or a larger plan, you get a 25% credit! Once four businesses sign up, your base plan is Free4Life! All you pay for now are any extra messages that exceed your plan limit. (For example, if you’re on the Complete Plan, you only pay for any message after the 5,000th one.)

“The sales that have generated from my first month of text blasts have paid for my membership for at least six months or more. Our sales volume is so high on days that we text I actually get excited and look forward to the days we plan to text! My Rep is Bo. He’s absolutely wonderful to work with. He always responds to communication and is there to help troubleshoot and meet all the needs of my business. I truly wish I would’ve signed up for this program sooner.”

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