How It Works

From Now Till SenText Launch

Generally, you can start texting in 3–5 days. When you sign up, your agent is always there for consultation and our designers are always there to create the perfect media. Spend some time with them at the beginning to make sure everything’s set up right for your specific business.

Start (discovery, choose plan, and promotion)

  1. Choose your plan online or call (740) 209–0005 to choose which plan suits your needs
  2. Discovery consultation with your agent to:
    • Identify your business goals
    • Create a “Call to Action” to gather a massive list of subscribers
    • Create a keyword process and plan that works for you
    • Develop a successful promotional plan
    • Design digital and printed collateral for promotion

Set Up (contract, setup, and design)

  1. Activate Keywords
  2. Register your keywords with all major wireless carriers
  3. Create your database and campaign implementation to receive new subscribers
  4. Setup your texting club
  5. Design standard signs to promote your campaign
  6. Design Facebook cover
  7. Design social-media signs
  8. Design website popup or slider
  9. Get your Ultimate Text Marketing Calendar and updates from SenText to 51660
  10. Coordinate future campaigns like Text to Win or Text to Survey

Training (meet your agent for training and launch strategy)

  1. Train on our platform
  2. Train managers and staff
  3. Consult on launch and promotional strategy

Launch (promote, promote, promote to grow a massive list)

  1. Promote, promote, promote to grow a massive list

Sent (engage your fans with texts!)

  1. Regulars return more to take advantage of your deals
  2. Referrals start flowing

“SenText is the BEST. It has helped my business more than you know. The amount of customers that I reach via text bypasses any magazine, social media, word of mouth, or advertisements. It is also cheaper to use! You have to think, EVERYONE has their cellphones on hand. I send out texts on Monday mornings and customers come rolling in for the savings. I signed my second business up with SenText because it is amazing! I couldn’t do this without my rep, Wendy.”

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Partnering with SenText includes continuing ideas and follow up

  • Coordinate future campaigns
  • Brainstorm different uses for your texting program
  • Your agent stays with you for life. We want you to succeed

“We’ve had much success with this wonderful service. It allows us to generate almost instant business with the customers who shop with us most. We’ve used it for pre-sales (for our best customers), events, new arrivals, special promotions, etc. It is very quick and easy to use (takes less than 3 minutes), which is a huge plus for us. Additionally, our Rep for SenText is incredible, and shares best practices with us frequently (which is a big help!). Thanks for taking such good care of us!”

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Will You SenText?