Stage 1: The Gateway Offer

A Gateway Offer is the offer that gets customers to sign in. They don’t even feel like they are opting in to a text club … they just opt in because they want what is offered

  • It’s the best deal the business can offer
  • It’s the one-time deal that gets customers to join the VIP text club
  • The business will place signs with this gateway offer around their business, website, Facebook, etc
  • Staff encourage people to get the offer (i.e., opt in to the texting service!)
  • We’ll give the business art to use as a pop-up on their website and Facebook cover image (we can install the pop-up for them)
  • Because they’re so visible with this offer, people can can opt in while they sleep!

Stage 2: The Opt In

It’s super easy. No one has to download an app. They just text. Straight from their phone.

  • People find your Gateway Offer irresistible
  • So they pull out their phones and text the Keyword to the code you have on all your signs
  • Protects Customer: This is solely based off the people interacting with the business on a day-to-day basis and is 100% permission based. They opt themselves in … which makes it easier because there no manual entry and nobody will feel spammed. They already love, want to hear from, and trust the business. So they feel like the texts add value to their lives. And the list never comes from a 3rd party AND will never be shared with a 3rd party.

Try it for yourself! Text “SENTEXT” to 51660 on your own phone. This will be exactly what your customers will experience when they put in your KEYWORD.

Stage 3: The Fun Part!!

  • Instant Access:
    • You can then text them to bring them in on a slow days (i.e., you can send out a text a 12:30pm and tell them if they come in before 4pm, they get an X)
    • Tell them your specials (i.e., Today only you get a Y with your meal), or
    • Have them bring their friends because of offers (i.e., If you bring three friends, your group gets a free Z)
  • Birthday Club: People like to be remembered on their special day. The texting platform will give you a hands-off, easy way to reach out to them and offer them a gift … and then because people tend to celebrate birthdays with friends, you’ll generally get several extra people accompanying them
  • Contests: This is a perfect way to manage contests—you can set it so that every X number of people win, or a random winner to be chosen at 7:30pm … and the system takes care of notifying all the participants whether they win or lose.
  • Growth: On average, if you do text marketing, 23% of your customers opt in, they read 90% of your texts within 3 minutes, and then they start coming because they can’t help it … you’re top of mind!
  • Easy: You enter a message and push send or schedule for later. Or you can send recurring messages or even schedule your specials well in advance
  • Tracking: You get a dashboard with all your opt-ins and who has opted out. You’ll get to see how many people you have signed up, texts you’ve sent out, etc.
  • Beats the Industry Slump: It’s so competitive! And this will help keep you fresh in the customers minds.

Stage 4: Money Making!

  • Depending on your average ticket price, you only need a few extra people to show up per month at each location to cover the costs
    • The rest of the people that respond all represent profit
    • And if 10% of your customers come back only one extra time this year, what is that in sales?
  • This is the easiest, most direct way to make money and keep bringing them in

Choose the package that makes the most sense to you!

“I have been in business for 13 years and am always seeking different ways to advertise. We signed up for SenText 2 months ago and already have 400+ subscribers. I have seen a great return on investment with the number of guests that come in for our specials.”

McGonigle’s Pub & Grill

Will You SenText?