Ideas for Mobile Marketing

Increase Traffic

  • Text to Save: Send special offers direct to your customers’ phones
  • Text to Join. Fans join your texting program for updates and announcements
  • Text to Donate. Text a direct link to a donation page
  • Generate Leads. Get leads instantly from your website, conferences, shows, or ads
  • Text to Win. They text to enter a drawing. You choose prizes and winner/non-winner messages
  • Birthday or Anniversary Club. Automatically send offers to subscribers on special dates

Private Intelligence

  • Stay Local. Talk to your audience without the Internet seeing
  • Promo Codes: Increase trackable sales without posting your prices online
  • Text to Survey. Your audience gives you private polls and answers straight to your dashboard
  • 5-star Reviews. Send the right people links to review sites, randomly or at scheduled times

Optimize Your Schedule

  • Event Reminders. Calendar or Eventbrite links to increase participation
  • Stay Booked Solid. Tell your waitlist about cancellations
  • Staff Announcements. Keep your team up to date
  • Alerts. Instantly notify your audience of emergencies or closings
  • Text to Apply. Link to an employment or sales application

Ideas For Your Industry


80% of shoppers use mobile phones inside physical stores to research product reviews, compare prices, or find alternate store locations (Global Trends Magazine). Your shoppers are searching for their favorite brands and styles on their phones. You want every person who visits you onsite, online, and in social media to visit you again. Instantly tell them about new arrivals, limited selections, and special events. You’ll build loyalty.


78% of people would apply to jobs on their mobile devices if the process were simplified (Censuswide on behalf of Indeed). Beat the competition with a Text to Apply offer. Send a candidate a lead page with a video or application link as soon as they join! They opt in with keywords to get job updates in fields they’re interested in. Stay in touch with recruits the way they prefer.

Real Estate

58% of Millennials and 46% of Generation X found their homes on their phones (NAR Research). Set yourself apart by texting links to your listings, VR tours, and more! Update your audience with new listings and offer Text to Win contests to gather subscribers at shows, open houses, and your ads. And get creative with home-purchase anniversaries and birthdays to keep you top-of-mind and get more referrals. If you’re not texting, you’re losing business.


42% of online mobile searches are for the entertainment industry ( Get more from your media buys, fill slow times, and white-glove your best patrons with notice of new events, invites, and alerts. They’ll come back more often and bring their friends.

Spas, Barbers, Salons

75% of customers prefer text-message offers (Vibes). Easily generate new customers and stay in touch with existing customers. Capture your onsite, online, and social-media visitors with great offers and continue to upsell and fill empty spots. Get reviews, referrals and more!

Sports & Recreation

Texting is great for sports, leagues, country clubs, admissions, events, and more. Encourage your selfie-taking enthusiasts to come back with their friends. They already love what you do.


81% of consumers search for restaurants on mobile devices (Single Platform). Everyone has a smartphone and everyone’s Googling, reviewing, ordering, and reserving on their phones. Once they visit your website or business, reach them the way they want.


70% of people agree that texting is a good way for organizations to get their attention (Loadhouse Research). To reach a large group of people instantly, text—it’s faster and more convenient than any other medium. Fundraisers, announcements, alerts, events, and meetings are excellent reasons to text your audience and keep them up to date.

Health & Wellness

Nearly half of online searches from a smartphone are for the health industry ( Send your avid members texts about contests, challenges, events, class openings, supplements, organics and smoothies, apparel, and seminars. Tell your wait-list about cancellations and stay booked solid. Cross sell, promote new products and services, and bring your regulars back more with their friends!

Car Dealerships

53% of automotive Internet shoppers use their phones to research their purchases (JD Power 2016 New Autoshopper Study). Auto, boat, RV, and motorsports businesses, gather leads at events or from your ads with Text to Win promos. Never use a signup sheet again. Upsell and promote repair and maintenance services, detailing, storage, apparel and accessories, events, and more. Each of your customers has a smartphone, and texts even appear now on vehicle dashboards. What better way to reach your audience instantly!

Will You SenText?