Fun Way to Gain Great ROI!

Texting! What a fun way to reach your audience and make a great return on investment (ROI)! Can’t get much easier than that!

Calculating your ROI is a popular way to figure out if an investment (like getting a texting service) gave you good return—more customers, bigger contact list, or something else that’s valuable to you.

Number Crunching

On average, if you do text marketing, about 23% of your customers will opt in, they’ll read 90% of your texts, and they’ll respond to 45% of them.

That means 10% of all your customers are likely to respond to each text you send.

So let’s assume you average 400 customers a month (100 a week). And let’s assume your average ticket is $10. That’s about $48,000 a year in sales ($4,000 a month times 12). If 10% of your customers come in one extra time per month as a result, then you increase your sales by $4,800 a year.

Most would agree that’s a pretty good ROI!

“Just wanted to reach out and say Thank You for getting us all set up with the SenText blasts. The automatic giveaways each month make it really easy for us, and gives people a great reason to sign up. We’ve also noticed that our 581 person text list has sold as many tickets for us as 2-10,000+ email lists we typically use. It has been a very affordable way for us to get the word out for anything we need to do. Super easy to use and is getting us great results!”

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Start Texting for Max Results

“Money Off Now” works best to sign people up. If your average ticket is $10, give them $5 off now and they’ll join. Without hesitation.

From there you can upsell them, bring them in more often, and offer other attractive deals. You are now front and center, because texting is the most popular form of communication.

90–99% of your subscribers will actually read your texts. No other media comes even close. Not social media (~10%), not email (~20%), not traditional media (<10%). So choose a texting plan and get started.

“Our first SenText campaign went out with a pretty aggressive offer: BOGO meal on a Wednesday night. We normally do about $4500 in sales and that night, with the discounts factored in, we did almost $6000. I would recommend SenText to any business owner looking to do some digital advertising that immediately delivers with increased sales.”

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Will You SenText?