Stat #1: Everyone Texts

Well, Not Everyone. Just 5 Billion.

  • 5 billion people have access to texting
  • #1 most-used way to communicate among Americans under 50
  • 89% have constant, easy access to a smartphone
  • 82% keep text notifications on
  • Smartphone users send and receive texts 5 times more than calls
  • 3 in 10 consumers would totally give up phone calls and simply text

Are You Reaching Them?

  • 97% of Americans text at least once a day
  • 86% of Americans opt in to text notifications
  • 91% of users who opt in see texts as “somewhat” or “very useful”
  • 23% who order from a company opt in to texts
  • 77% of people 18–34 think better of businesses that text

Why People Like Text

  • Easy To Use. Texting requires no new app, it's as easy as breathing
  • Easy To Reference. They'll have all the details without writing them down
  • Easy To Filter. Instantly see whether it's a coupon or message they want
  • Easy To Access. 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. On average, people look at their phones 150 times a day

They Want Your Texts

  • 69% of US consumers appreciate getting texts or emails from healthcare providers, especially for appointment reminders and to give guidelines for upcoming tests
  • 67% want to receive service-based messages from banks or financial institutions
  • 64% would like to receive service-based messages from retail stores
  • 75% of millennials think it's helpful to receive texts for appointment reminders, payments, surveys, promotions, and deliveries

Will You SenText?