When To Market?

Busy or Slow?

When’s the best time to market? We feel the need most when business is slow. But that’s reactive. Get proactive, because the easiest and most effective time to build your text lists is when you’re busy.

When you’re busy, you have more Internet traffic and your customers wait a little longer in line. These are perfect chances to ask them to sign up for texts. Popups on your website, signs in your line area, and employees asking customers to sign up. It’s easy and quick for your customers, and you’ll build lists to text when business slows.

“SenText is hands-down the best marketing tool I have! I have massive Social Media followings that bring me business, but does not bring me nearly the amount that SenText brings! Signing up for SenText is one of the best business decisions I have made over the 6 years I have been in business!”

Sakari & Company

You can’t harvest later if you don’t plant today. Would you make more money in your slow season if 10% of your busy-season customers came back just once?

Don’t wait until slow times to get opt-ins. Connect with them now and your slow times will get faster and faster.

Market when you’re busy to build when you’re slow.

Will You SenText?